Sometimes the most simple ingredients create the most flavoursome and comforting dishes. This is something our founders live by and is why we are introducing a regular feature called ‘Simple Tastes’ to share our favourite simple Italian dishes for you to try at home.  

Starting the series, we bring you freshly sliced Parmesan from the wheel drizzled with sweet and delicious honey. 

Everyone knows the unmatched flavour of the highly popular Parmesan is widely used in Italian cooking but did you also know that honey is a lesser known traditional ingredient produced in Italy – turns out the combination are a match made in heaven. 

With Parmesan’s fragrant aroma and freshness from the wheel, adding a drizzle of delicate & mild honey is Mark’s  preferred recommendation so as to not to overkill the pairing. Serve this with a freshly baked pizza base on the side to make a more substantial snack, or as we prefer it just as is for a light snack any time of the day or as a dessert, maybe with a drop of marsala.

If you haven’t tried this before, we would be happy to rustle it up for you at Capriccio. 

See you soon. 

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