Our wonderful Angie has been working with Capriccio for over 7 years and is very much part of our loving Capriccio family. Everyone knows Angie and Angie knows everyone – She even has everyone’s ‘secret’ off-menu orders locked away in the back of her head and will always make sure we accommodate individual tastes and preferences as far as reasonably possible. It is no surprise that everyone greets Angie with the same friendly and loving welcome as she greets them.And it’s because of her ‘BVI celebrity status’ we wanted to find out more about what Angie’s take is on life at Capriccio.

What is your favourite dish at Capriccio? 

The Pomodoro pasta is probably my favorite. There is also an onion carbonara the chefs make for us staff in the back which is really good, but not on the menu. Maybe we should.

What is your favourite thing about working in Capriccio? 

The sense of family in the staff, between the chefs and the front of house. When I come to work it’s always a good laugh. Spending many days and nights working together makes us all close and helps us get through the very busy times when everything is happening all at once. When less busy we talk and prepare the restaurant together and that gives us more opportunity to learn more about each of us, and in the end support each other. 

What is the relationship like between you and the big bosses? 

I feel very valued as part of the team as every decision and new idea is always ran by me first. Our relationship is extremely collaborative, built on trust and I’m honoured to be a part of such a long established institution on Tortola. Everyone knows Capriccio!

Come and join Angie and team for breakfast, lunch or dinner booking your table here. Don’t forget to give her that warm & loving “hello” when you next pop by. And don’t be afraid to tell Angie how you like your food!

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